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Distrilogik – our brand for end-to-end logistics in the United States

18 April 2023

There’s a common misbelief about logistics: everywhere it’s just the same.

At D.B. Group, we know that is not always true. Although the main rules apply mostly everywhere, our global experience taught us that each region differentiates for specific needs. Our customer-centric approach together with the tight business relationships we build with our clients lead us to re-think and adapt our offer to help them grow in their target markets.

That’s why, 5 years ago we created and developed Distrilogik, our US-based brand dedicated to logistics, to provide our local customers with a regional end-to-end 3PL partner.

Through Distrilogik, D.B. Group can offer warehousing solutions on the territory for a wide range of industries including best-in-class options for fashion & footwear, design & furniture, consumer goods, e-commerce, and, lately, for wholesale.

How? Through a network of three logistic hubs and a staff that counts more than 60 highly-specialized executives and operators, who make their vertical expertise available to guarantee the successful implementation of each project.

One key-point of logistics lays in the optimization of flows. That’s why we decided to build our network of logistic platforms in such a way that could serve the East-, the West-Coast and the South-Eastern side of the country.
Strategically located in Dayton (NJ), Miami (FL), and Carson (CA), our warehouses are close to the main transportation infrastructures, and, depending on the location, can be also included in Free Trade Zones or certified as Container Freight Stations. They count for a total of more than 340.000 square feet, in which we manage our customers’ logistic activities, offering a range of value-added services dedicated to the customer experience and to the specific needs of clients.

An example: Do you need a place to show off your products? At our warehouses we can provide you with dedicated spaces to showcase your goods to your customers.

Our local standard logistic offer includes:

3PL services such as cross docking, labelling, price-ticketing, storage, domestic distribution with specialist couriers, pick & pack, fulfilling e-commerce orders, refurbishing, local deliveries with dedicated trucks

Inbound logistics along with collection from suppliers and receipt of incoming goods, breakdown of products, administrative management, storage and consolidation of materials, palletization, vendor management inventory, internal handling and order assembly

Outbound logistics inclusive of material storage, outgoing package labelling, EDI data management and exchange (system orders, travel document processing), possibility of dedicated areas and flexibility in the use of space, finished product distribution service, online stock visibility with personalized access via the internet, sampling and processing on customer packing list, packaging (co-packing, labelling)

WMS and online stock a computerized system for managing the traceability of goods and interfacing with the customer’s management system

Reverse logistics with correct management of goods in stock, quality control for return assessment, optimization of specific costs related to reverse flow processes, transparency of goods return, and disposal flows

Transloading – being so close to the major seaports we service any requirements of transloading cargo from FCL containers and shipping to inland locations via trailers.

If you wish to know more about Distrilogik, and how it helps DB Group providing a US-shaped approach to customized logistics solutions you can visit the dedicated website https://distrilogik.com/

We are more than a simple logistic provider, through Distrilogik we craft and provide solutions that fit all your needs to extend your horizons and ensure a seamless experience to your final customers in the US.

Through Distrilogik we bring innovation in global logistics.

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