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Furniture logistics in China: a set of specific services

11 April 2019


Italy is the first furniture supplier in the Chinese market with a market share of 21,9%, followed by Germany (15.2%) and Vietnam (8.7%)
During 2018, exports of made in Italy furniture and lighting goods kept growing. Among the most thriving divisions we can find kitchen furniture and parts of furniture together with office and bath. – Source: adnkronos

At D.B. Group, we are perfectly aware of the central role we play in the supply chain for furniture to final customer. Therefore, during the last years have put strong effort in the development of a Furniture Logistics division, particularly developed in the Chinese branches, which is able to satisfy and match the requirements of such a vertical market. Our goal is helping our customers to reach new business opportunities. The specialization process has led us to set up partnerships with internationally recognized institutions in the field, co-operating with them as one of the official freight forwarders during several events.
Our focus is to create shared value. This has led us to design a set of additional services on the Chinese territory: White Gloves Service and Direct Home Delivery.
These value added services enable companies to sell quality products while being sure their items will be delivered and assembled directly inside the clients’ home.
Consequently, manufacturers can fully concentrate on their core business. Hence, the buying process of made in Italy products becomes a truly valued experience for the Chinese consumer.
We put our effort to keep the value perception unchanged along the whole buying process.

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