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Taiwan represents an excellent ground for those companies aiming at launching
or enhancing business relationships with Asian countries, and especially with China and Japan.



Taiwan has a dominant position as an export-based economy, thanks to a tax-system designed to encourage foreign investment. It plays a leading role in the global supply of technology: the world's largest semiconductor and electronic components companies operate in the country. Moreover, the domestic demand is increasing too, due to the higher wages and lower rates of unemployment which are boosting private consumption. Taiwan has been at the top of all Asian countries for years in the rankings in respecting human rights. Beyond the rankings, Taiwanese democracy has reached a unique level of maturity on the Asian continent, and the government is using this leadership to open a dialogue with other countries in the region.

The D.B. Group supports its customers in Taiwan through its branch office in Taipei, the capital city. Taipei is an example for the whole geographical area in which it is established: its democratic institutions have demonstrated their ability to ensure a fully-free internal debate and representativeness for all citizens. It is therefore a particularly favourable, strategic and secure support point for the logistics management of goods to and from Taiwan.

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